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10 Must-Haves On Your Hunting Supplies List

Are you planning to have a hunting day? Whether your answer is yes, you need to stock up with the right hunting equipment to make sure you can hunt, easily protect yourself in the wild, and even survive. No matter if you are an experienced hunter or just a beginner – some essential hunting supplies should take place in your backpack. Having a hunting supplies list ensures you don’t leave any important things for hunting. With that saying, let`s discover ten significant items of hunting gear to make your hunting day most enjoyable.

1. Camouflaged clothes

Camouflaged clothing allows you to be unnoticed in the wild. Once you will be in disguise in the environment, your chances to hunt prey rapidly increasing. Additionally, by wearing camouflaged clothes you don’t scare a prey by your own visible appearance. Keep in mind that it would be better to choose comfortable clothes according to the season – summertime requires light breathable wearing while autumn and winter make you wear warmer clothing. Besides, camouflaged clothes are typically on your choice – you can add camouflaged gloves or face masks providing you the most obscurity in the natural environment.

2. Firearms (weapon)

Tactical hunting gear is taking top place in our hunting supplies list since a durable firearm is the first and essential condition of lucky hunting. Your hunting day won`t be hunting without a weapon, so make sure your firearm is maintained and completely ready to bring you success during a hunt. Honestly, a weapon is considered the most important thing on a hunting supplies list. This way, you will need to get enough ammunition as well as clean your gun or replace any details to ensure yourself a profitable hunt.

3. Folding or pocket knife

You don`t need to carry several knives for different hunting purposes – one durable pocket or folding knife is enough. It is truly a helpful thing while in the wild – you can cut down branches, use a knife for preparing a meal or meat processing, dig out holes for installation stakes, etc. Apart from a weapon, don`t forget to put a knife in your hunting backpack as one of the most important items for survival.

4. Boots

Getting durable boots brings you not only protection from various weather and environmental conditions, but also ensures you don`t leave any traces, especially scent signs. Many wild animals have a sharp sense of smell that helps them to protect themselves from potential danger, so make sure you are wearing scent-free boots to reach true success while a hunting day. To ensure yourself the most scent control, you can additionally spray the boots with scent killer.

5. Decoys

Increase your chances of hunting prey by using suitable decoys. They make an animal approach to a hunter while he is ready to shoot. However, you need to choose decoys properly since not every decoy will suit all the seasons and environmental conditions. You must be guided by the type of prey you want to hunt when choosing lures too.

6. Flashlight\headlamp

Your hunting may not last just for a day – it can linger until night. There is where the night light hunting supplies appear. An LED flashlight helps move completely in the dark while a durable headlamp allows you to move comfortably without carrying any lighter in your hands. Flashlights are also good for setting up a tent or camp. However, you have to be quite careful – a vivid light can scare prey in a wild. Keep in mind that it would be better to turn off any light source when you are hearing or seeing a prey closely.

7. Scent killer

Another hunting must-have from a list of necessary things is a reliable scent killer since, as it was mentioned, your scent can easily betray you in the wild. You will need to wash your clothing and other fabric equipment adding a scent killer. Use a scent killer spray for the gear you can not wash, like weapons, knives, lures, etc. It would be better to also use scent-control bags to ensure you kill a smell completely.

8. Cameras for hunting

Trail cameras work great during your hunt since they allow you to track how your prey behavior in natural conditions. To get the most from using hunting cameras, you will have to place them along ways, around water and food sources, etc. to figure out how an animal lives in a wild. With that knowledge, you will be able to hunt prey by making an ambush. Don`t avoid adding a trail camera to your hunting gear list – it is truly a thing that makes your chances to hunt prey higher.

9. Rain gear (raincoat)

Your hunting may be failed soon in case it starts raining. Vision can be decreased as well as the soil becomes too dewy that prevents comfortable movement on the territory, however, pouring rain can help to mask your scent and the sounds of your moves. Keep in mind that durable rain gear created especially for hunters can help you to successfully continue a hunt, even if the weather doesn`t allow it. Pay your attention to rain gear that dampens the sound of rain in order to not scare prey in a wild as well.

10. Binoculars

One of the best hunting gear items falls on the binoculars. Seeing your prey clearly is a key to success during any hunting. Binoculars help you to increase the field of view as well as strengthen your vision. Once you are going to have night hunting, having night vision binoculars allows you to easily track prey`s paths, and catch the suitable moment to make a shot. With that being said, incorporate binoculars in your hunting gear list whether you are willing to have an exact vision of how to make your next step while hunting.