Shroom Calculator

How to Use Shroom Calculator?

Nowadays, microdosing shrooms is becoming increasingly popular. It is commonly known that shrooms cause a state of euphoria, inspire people and help them find their selves. To get the best experience of the “trip”, an important factor is dosage. The ideal way to pick the right magic mushroom dosage is to use a calculator. This tool will help you to choose the best dosage based on your data. You can find out what it is and how to use it in this blog post.

How do shrooms affect you?

If you decide to take magic mushrooms, you need to be prepared for the effect of them. Eating mushrooms can cause both “good” and “bad” trips. Magic mushrooms have a mental and physiological effect. The positive effect can be manifested by high spirits, euphoria, creative inspiration, and other similar effects. A “bad trip” does not have a very pleasant effect. These can be attacks of paranoia, fear, loneliness, and deep depression. From a physiological point of view, dizziness, nausea, severe hallucinations, high blood pressure, and body temperature are possible.

The importance of dosing

How important is the dosage of magic mushrooms? Proper dosing of magic mushrooms is one of the key points to avoid a “bad trip” and provide an excellent experience. Each organism is individual and can react differently to shrooms. The result can be unpredictable as well. Therefore, this issue should be treated responsibly, and more information should be provided. If you have never taken mushrooms, you should start with a minimum or medium dose. A high dose will be too strong for you.

Factors that affect dosage

Many factors affect the correct dosage of magic mushrooms. Each type of shrooms has its specific dosage because they have different amounts of psychotropic substances. You need to take into account your experience in consuming magic mushrooms. Your weight and personal preferences are also important. Before using magic mushrooms, you should read the dosing instructions that are best for the type you will be taking. An important factor is in what form the mushrooms will be taken (dried or fresh). Dried mushrooms are usually eaten less because they contain less water. To get the right magic mushrooms dosage, use a magic mushroom dose calculator.

How to use the shroom calculator?

So what is a magic mushroom dosage calculator and how to use it?. This is a good way by which you will have a better chance of getting an unforgettable good experience from the “trip”. Neglecting such a factor as dosing is strictly forbidden, it can lead to fatal consequences. This calculator can also be used for hallucinogenic truffles. To calculate the recommended dose for magic mushrooms, the magic mushroom calculator requires your exact weight (magic mushroom microdosing dosage chart by weight), the state of the mushrooms (dried or fresh), features of the effect you would like to get, and the time when you last took it. High doses are recommended only for consumers who have extensive experience in consuming magic mushrooms. From a technical point of view, the calculator is not complicated. All you have to do is fill in the appropriate fields with your data and click on the result calculation button. Therefore, to determine the magic mushroom recommended dosage, we advise you to choose this method.