The Importance of Shoes

The importance of protected feet with the help of shoes was early recognized in the records of the Egyptians, the Chinese and other early civilizations. Because of shoes, you can protect your feet from various conditions, keep them safe from injury, protects from germs, correct our posture. You can have a better grip on things. Shoes provide necessary comfort, support, and cushioning for foot conditions. If you wear uncomfortable and for feet shoes, you will not experience the desired comfort. Instead, you will experience terrible pain or any other foot condition. Therefore, wearing the right, comfortable and soft shoes is so important when you are out.

Men Were the First to Wear Wheels

Did you hear that men were the first to wear wheels? The 10th century is characterized by the period when heels on boots was a typical fashion for the horse-riding cultures. They helped them to stray in the stirrups (that is why cowboy boots had heels).

Firstly, high heel shoes were a trend for the Persian cavalry. However, when they showed that wearer maintained horses, they became a fashion for the upper classes too. As a result, women who belonged to the upper classes began wearing high heels. However, high-heel shoes were not a sign of gender.

Later on, the heels started to be gendered in their designs. The heels for men became wide and sturdy, while the heels for women became decorative and tapered. However, the men deemed them impractical. Since that time, high heels became footwear only for women.

Platforms Shoes

In comparison with the other shoes, platform heels have a wide range of benefits that make them a decent choice for everyday use, especially for people who wear size above an eight and those who suffer from foot pain. High platform shoes are characterized with the thick soles throughout their length and width. Platform shoes are typically made with rubber and cork materials that make them even more comfortable, providing foot support and impact absorption. In comparison with the traditional high heels that are angled, platform heels offer height distribution, thereby preventing extra strain on calves and shin bones. What is more critical, platform shoes are universal shoes, meaning you can wear them with dresses, jeans, and skirts for any occasion.    

Kawaii Platform Shoes

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