Kawaii Squishies

Kawaii squish is known to be a popular stress-relief toy. Kawaii squishies can help to relieve stress, fear, and anxiety. Using squishies, you feel a sense of relief and calm, when you shape and squeeze them. Some Kawaii squishies are filled with scents that match the look of them. As, for example, squish in the shape of strawberry can have a pleasant smell of strawberry, providing a higher level of relaxation. Because squishies are made from the special rubberized foam, they are easily squeezed and then slowly go back to their original shape. Kawaii squishies come in a variety of shapes, colors, and smells. Thus, you are able to choose the one, which you like the most. Kawaii squishies are definitely cool and cute! Because they are made of super squishy rising foam and have a pleasant smell, you may want to eat them, but do not. Having a slow rising factor, children will be completely satisfied with them! Be sure, with Kawaii squishies you will see the difference from other “squishies” offered on the market!

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