5 pcs/set Kawaii Mini Squishy Toys

  • MaterialPlastic Elastic PU
  • Size: 5-7cm in diameter each
  • Quantity: 5 pcs/set
  • Applicable age: more than 3 years old


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Kawaii Mini Squishy Toys

The origin of squishies is known to be from Japan connecting to the ‘Kawaii’ idea which comes from their language as well as culture; Kawaii means ‘cute’ which is also the name of squishies. Squishies are rapidly taking over the world after the popularity of fidget spinners regardless of the fact that both are used for the same purposes, squishies have been proved to be good for mental health of any individual. There are several sizes and types of squishy toys, but the most popular among them are the Kawaii mini squishy toys. These come in small sizes almost fitting the palm of your hand and come in a squishy toys set which consists of multiple pieces.
The mini squishy mochi toys are made of the material polyurethane, commonly known as foam. This material is very soft and flexible, which is why it is ideal for being a stress reliever. Squishies are also available in silicone material given to the likings of people, but the Kawaii foam squishy mini toys are relatively popular amongst people. Different foams can be combined to create new materials which make squishy toys which are unique to customers as well as fun to play with.

As a Stress Reliever

The squishy set comes in different shapes and sizes which makes it more appealing to the customers considering they have attractive options and colours to choose from. These are widely used all around the world by children as well as adults, as it is an effective stress and anxiety suppressor. It is scientifically proven b y various studies that the pressing of squishy toys reduces anger and anxiety and when it gradually comes back to its original position, it makes you practice calmness and relaxation. The Kawaii mini squishy toys are anti-anxiety squishies, their use promotes release of dopamine and endorphin which simulates muscle relaxation and happiness.

Different Types of Categories in Mini Squishy Toys

There are a wide variety of squishy toy designs to meet the needs of children as well as adults. Some of the categories are as follows.

  • Food: This is the most famous category among the mini squishy toy sets and the varieties are easily available. There are fruit squishies, vegetable squishies, and other items like ice cream, cake, burger, doughnuts, fries, chocolate and so many more that appeals not only to the eye, but also to your appetite.
  • Fantasy & Animation: There are a variety of animated characters and fantasy things shaped into mini squishy toys which are appealing to adults and especially children. These include unicorns, unique coloured pandas, any favourite cartoon characters, magic wands etc.
  • Animal Squishies: Animal squishies are also very popular among people especially people who are fond of keeping pets. You can find all animals from cats to giraffes. Squishies often come in keychains as well, and many of them are animal squishies.
  • Scented Squishies: Squishies are scented with fruit, food or flower fragrances which doubles their appeal to the senses. Most people prefer scented squishies; for instance, ice-cream cone with vanilla scent.
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    Excellent set


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    Awesome. It calsms me down quickly.