Mini Squishy Antistress Face



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Mini Squishy Anti Stress Face

As squishies are one of the popular stress remedies around the globe, it is an increasing demand in the market which has increased the competition of squishy toys in markets too. Manufacturers are finding new and unique shapes and material to add to the squishy toy varieties, which gives us a large selection to choose from. So far, they have been introduced as food items, characters, animals and scented options as well to capture your nerves with the aroma while you are working on your stress regime. These are famous for easing your nerves and helping you with stress and anxiety in this fast-paced world where everything and everyone is competing at high speed. People all around the world are fond of it and addicted to it that now they go for the squishies key chains and even squishy mobile phone covers.

Squishy Face Toys

Squishies are sold individually or mostly in sets which offer you different shapes and colours in the same set, so it remains interesting for the user as well. The latest innovative shape which is becoming famous is the cute face squishies that are the carved face expressions of different moods you are feeling. This has helped the people with stress and anxiety to control their own response and instead of losing their emotions, they act it out on the squishy face toy to get rid of the anxiety and face any problem calmly. The squishies face engage three of our senses at the same time to relax our nerves; sense, smell, and touch which help us make it through any stressful situation.

The common squishy faces in the kawaii squishy toy sets are:

  • Yuck- Feeling of disgust, Not liking anything.
  • Relief- Calmness, Light feeling.
  • Pout- Feeling in Love, Kiss face
  • Joy – Happiness, Squishies Smiley Face

The squishy face toys are also made of the same flexible materials i.e. polyurethane which allows flexibility and elasticity to the toy and also saves it from being disfigured and retorts back to its original shape gradually in moments of time. These can be used roughly by pressing, crushing etc so it takes out your anger or frustration and is useful for people with high anxiety.

Squishy Face Toys For Autistic Children:

Squishy face toys are the prefect anti stress toys and are especially useful for children with autism, ADHD and ADD as it helps the children to deal with their emotional ups and downs as well to clearly focus on their surroundings and thinking abilities. The squishy material is super soft, so it becomes rather an addictive activity for people who play with it. The face squishies are picked by the children according to their moods, e.g. angry face, smiley squishies face etc so they react only to the squishy by pressing or crushing it and control their reaction. Although Mini Squishy toys can never take place of the actual human support, this small toy can be a reassuring activity for the people who suffer from Autism, ADD and Stress.

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