Slow Rising Squishy Cat

  • MaterialPU
  • Dimensions8.5*6.5*6CM
  • Weight: 36g


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Slow Rising Squishy Cat

When you hear the name of squishy what is your immediate response? For me it is always a smile, just the name itself is so comforting that one cannot resist but be happy. Adding on to that, what happens when you hear squishy cat? The smile is definitely enlarged and the happiness amplified. If you think this is an over explanation of the emotions, you definitely need to have a look at this very cute slow rising squishy cat by Kawaii. Squishy toys cat slow rising is made up of polyurethane (PU) and the size of it is 8.5*6.5*6 along with the weight of just 36 g to keep it light and easily useable. The benefits of buying this toy can have a wide range as the users are of every age, from kids to teenagers to even grown-up adults; slow rising cat squishy covers them all.

Why Squishy Cat?

  •         As mentioned in the name, it is a slow rising squishy which makes it even more desirable. The reason being that pressing a squishy is just the beginning of fun, the real comfort is in watching it rise magically and come in its original form for you to squish it yet again with all the force that you posses. This squishy slow rising cat allows you to take off your stress on it and when it restores, it can make you feel relaxed and calm.
  •         Squishy cat slow rising is a technique which is there for people of all ages to get benefit out of it. It depends on you completely how you want to treat it. One of the advantages is that it is in a shape of cat which is adored by most of the sane human beings on our planet and so one can carry it around or keep it on their working table to squish it whenever needed.
  •         One of the many benefits can be the perfect size and weight for it to be a handy. Children are usually more sensitive and when they go somewhere alone, for example on a school trip or maybe a camp, while they cannot take all their stuffed toys with them, this little slow rising squishy cat can be their helper and will never make them feel alone. The reason being that although it is a toy, the sensitive touch of this squishy is definitely helpful in many ways.
  •         The soothing pink and white colors used for this toy are definitely one of the reasons why it seems to be so real and heartwarming. These little details are the reason why everyone is attracted to them and can’t resist buying it as soon as they can.

Squishies have been a popular trend for quite a while now and it is actually helping people out when in stress or feeling lonely. This slow rising squishy just ads up to it as cats have always been considered very close to humans. Not everyone can afford to have a real cat around all the time for various reasons but one can certainly feel that happiness by having this squishy cat with them for as long as they want.

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  1. Andrea

    No chemical smell


  2. Madison

    Squishes really slow. Like it.


  3. Elizabeth

    Nice quality