Top 5 Highest Paying Jobs Without Degree

At the moment, higher education around the world has risen greatly in price, paradoxically, but its value in the labor market has decreased by an order of magnitude. In the United States, the amount has long been prohibitive and unbearable for the majority, and from 2011 to the present day, it has increased by as much as 25 percent. Don’t worry about not having enough funds in your account by the time you graduate. The world will not be able to limit your possibilities just because you have not spent several years in one or another educational institution.

In the biographies of many famous and wealthy people, there is not a single record of higher education. They simply chose a path for themselves and stubbornly walked along with it, becoming the best in their occupation. Who Said You Are Worse? Who said that you cannot earn at least above the average of 50,000 thousand dollars without an unnecessary piece of paper? We will prove to you right now that you can have the level of life that suits you. Just click “find job online” and they will help you.

Let’s move on to a list of the highest paying jobs without a degree:

1. Freight dispatcher (logistician)

One of the jobs that pay well without a degree is the work of a special manager who is busy coordinating transport movements, planning trips, and distributing goods based on freight organizations.

They also oversee the verification of documents and government regulations. In simple terms, they actually control the shipment of goods, keep them safe in the warehouse, also test products, and are engaged in logistics activities. From the requirements for candidates: only a high school diploma. Having gained experience in such a position for five years or more, you will be able to expect a higher salary.

2. Patrol officer (with an average income of about $ 90 thousand per year)

Next of the top-paying jobs without a degree is the position of a patrol officer. You will not need anything other than graduating from high school and taking courses in special training academies, after completion you will immediately be offered a job with one of the divisions of your city. There are, however, a few prerequisites for employment, such as US citizenship, age 21 and above, sufficient to meet permanent standards, the ability to work under severe stress, adequately act under pressure, strictly follow instructions and orders, etc.

On the other hand, there is a huge opportunity for job requirements, there is also a lot of injury at work or a huge number of working hours. But you will not be left without work, since the patrol must always be vigilant law enforcement officers.

3. Visage (with an average income of about 70+ thousand for the year)

What jobs can you get without a degree and a boring 9 – 5 schedule? If you want to be creative that is well rewarded and provides excellent income, then become a makeup artist. 

With this kind of activity, you can work with individuals as well as create looks for theater/television actors and show participants. It is desirable to have special secondary education, but this is not necessary, because you can study on courses, and then gain experience on your own. 

4. Farm Labor Contractors (with an average income of about 60+ thousand per year)

What other high-paying jobs without a degree or experience you might not know about? About those related to agricultural business. You can earn over 60 thousand even without a high school diploma. You will only need to undergo light and short on-the-job training. Fulfillment of your duties will be hiring, monitoring the work of seasonal workers, compliance with production standards, monitoring the payment of wages, as well as the living conditions of workers.

5. Massage therapist (with an average income of about 30 dollars per hour)

You can ask yourself about what medical jobs can I get without a degree? You, of course, have several options to choose from, but we advise you to seriously consider working as a massage therapist. They earn good money, education is not required. All you need is strong and gentle hands that can relieve the patient of pain and muscle tension.

The main thing that you need is to believe that even without expensive education, you can achieve a lot and live a wonderful and interesting life. Success awaits you at a new turn in life!