Viking compass

Vegvisir – Norse runic symbol of protection

If Scandinavian religion is known to you, you should know about Æsir and Vanir, the Gods. This religion was associated with the belief in various magical possibilities that people gave to Gods. Magic was a way to realize desires and achieve success. That is why we can see the symbols on their jewelry which had a magical meaning. So, if you are interested in Scandinavian mythology, you can buy a Viking ring with these symbols. Now we will talk about one of them called Vegvisir. We can also see it on Viking jewelry. It is believed that it has several meanings. Also, this symbol has great magical power.

What does the Viking compass mean?

Let’s talk about Vegvisir meaning, We learned about Vegvisir symbol from in the Huld (Hidden) Manuscript. This symbol was considered a guide to a person’s home. Thanks to it, you could find a way without even knowing where you are now. Jewelry from Vegvisir is considered a compass used by the Vikings during their travels. However, we cannot know for sure whether they belonged to the Viking Age. It is also believed that the Vegvisir compass was invented later. This is confirmed by the fact that the belief in the religion of the Vikings has survived to this day. It is called Ásatrúarfélagið. That is why people still use this symbol.

What is written around Vegvisir?

Mentions of Vegvisir are mentioned in many books and records. First used the word in Olaf Davirsons in an article on Spanish magic signs in 1903. He was later mentioned by Eggerzon in a 1940 book on magic. An article by Stephen Flowers mentioning Vegvisir made this symbol famous today. This article was widely distributed among Internet readers. Its content is considered authoritative due to the values ​​of the author. That is why people with great interest and trust were interested in the meanings of this symbol.

It is also believed that a very similar symbol is used in English mythology “Solomon’s Testament”. Therefore, there is a version that the symbol originates from England. It is also said that the original Icelandic Vegvisir was square. Only in the 20th century. people spread information about its round shape. Nevertheless, today it is considered a symbol of protection and a vector of life. Therefore, it has retained its significance, and we can see its use in the present life.

Is the Vegvisir a magical symbol?

So, how to read a Vegvisir? It has great symbolic significance. Because the Scandinavian faith was built on the belief in magic, it had magical significance. He was considered a guide to the human heart. It was used when a person lost faith in life or did not know what to do next. That is why people applied this symbol to the skin. Most often it was painted on the forehead or decorated ships with it. Different types of jewelry were also created: Vegvisir necklace and Vegvisir ring. It was believed that it would help to find the right path that a person should follow throughout his life. That is why the symbol depicts eight staves runes around Vegvisir. These runes are the directions that lead a person in the right way.

The Vegvisir and the witches

Shamans and witches played an important role in Scandinavian culture. They were so powerful that some of them were considered stronger than the gods. One such shaman was the mighty Völva. She was a priestess-prophetess. They used various symbols to predict the future. It is believed that one of them was Vegvisir. It is also believed that it could be used by people who believed in ancient Germanic spirits. That is, it was created by Ásatrú. However, the times of existence of this religion and symbol do not coincide. Vegvisir is an older symbol.

The power of the Vegvisir

It is believed that the main strength of the Vegvisir is the eight runes depicted on it. Each of them protects against eight different troubles because of which a person can get lost. 

As we have already understood, Vegvisir is a powerful symbol that has different meanings. It was used as a compass of the time and helped the Vikings to travel. He also helped people to find the right path. Besides, it was a magical symbol used by witches and shamans to see the future. And most importantly, it could protect people from various evils.