Psychedelic Colors

What Are The Best Psychedelic Colors For Your Home Decor?

The decorations are different. Some prefer minimalism, classics, Scandinavian style, and Provence style, but people have broader views. If you are one of those, you will like the themes and design ideas that hippies once invented. Just do not give up right away because shroom accessories for your home are not about an asocial lifestyle, but rather just psychological and creative uniqueness, as well as unwillingness to live within boring four walls. An artistic streak distinguishes such people from the environment, and carelessness can even irritate others, but that is nothing wrong. On the contrary, it is a special kind of comfort that the psychedelic colors palette creates.

How do you make a room bright and fun?

To properly combine elements in a design, you need to understand where the roots of the hippie style grow from. It arose as a mixture of simple folk art and the elite style of fashionable parties. Hence, there is so much painting, attention to national attributes, vintage furniture, and bright colors popular with young people. Overall, your room should create a cozy, eclectic ensemble.

We will help you fill your space correctly.  Here are some tips on how to create a masterpiece with psychedelic mushroom colors and how to combine them:

 1) Fancy carpets

Carpets are not the most convenient element of the interior in terms of cleaning.  But at the same time, no simple surfaces like laminate, stone, and linoleum will add anything to your room but a detached coldness. On the other hand, a cute rug with an unusually bright design in the style of “the weaving machine exploded” is perfect for adding chic and a touch of bohemianism to the space that surrounds you.

Often old ethnic coatings are even excellent, as they give a new breath to an old boring room and go well with all other decor elements.

2) The best mix for psychedelic colors with acrylic on the ceiling and walls

Pictures with strange plots, pictures as exercises for the eyes with many details, and various runes, signs, and mysterious symbols are ideal for your unusual idea.

On the ceiling, you can independently make an unusual patterned decor from a different combination of colors.

3) Luminaires with color change

Place in your room various small stroboscopes that will rotate and half-light any of your gatherings. You can add candles, but preferably electric ones.

Old candelabra, carved candlesticks, and unusually shaped lamps painted in trippy psychedelic colors are also suitable.

4) Make free space

In case guests come to you, you will know where to place them. You can also hold more formal meetings in your rooms, and then your interior will help defuse the situation and make it not as tight as, for example, with minimalism.

Your parties will be very unusual from now on, as you can easily, for example, put Turkish-style pillows on the floor or buy comfortable ottomans, sit around a small table and listen to music.

A stunning bohemian atmosphere can be complemented by a combination of 3 psychedelic colors that look good together, such as, for example, muted red, emerald, and yellow. How do you put them together? You can paint the wall in one of these shades, for example, dark green, buy furniture pink, and add yellow to the details.

We hope that our little tricks help you clear up the blinders in terms of design and realize that you can do whatever you want. Good luck, share our article with your friends!