real Christmas trees

What Are The Types of Christmas Tree?

A Christmas tree, a pine tree, or any other coniferous tree is the central part of most Christmas compositions. It is customary to gather around it for festive feasts with family members and guests, to lead merry dances, and more. There are a lot of interesting traditions. So let’s understand how to choose quality Christmas trees in New York, and which types of Christmas trees to choose? 

Which Christmas tree to choose?

First, you need to decide on Christmas tree types. Let’s start with artificial Christmas trees. They have some advantages, the main of which is that the needles do not crumble. You also do not have to think every year about where to get a new tree, because one model will last you for many years. And of course, with this option, no living plant will be affected, which is just great in the context of forest conservation.

You can choose cut live Christmas trees. Despite the popularity of artificial trends, they are more popular among the people of America. And this is because the best types of Christmas trees fill the house with a special atmosphere and fresh spruce aroma, which is not comparable to the most expensive flavor.

Recently, types of real Christmas tree in pots have become popular. This option seems ideal because you not only do not harm the planet, but on the contrary, after the holidays you can give her another tree.

You should buy a Christmas tree at special Christmas markets.

The list of common Christmas tree types in the markets is traditionally represented by Christmas trees, pines, and firs. According to experts, live Christmas tree types, fir lasts the longest in the house – about two weeks. Pine will please the eye a few days less, and the third place in terms of endurance at home – a Christmas tree. It is better to choose a New Year’s beauty to taste, during the day, when all the shortcomings of the product are better visible. In addition, there is a greater choice of goods.

It is safer to buy a Christmas tree on the eve of the New Year holiday, because in this case, most likely, it will last longer and will not crumble.

When choosing a Christmas tree, you should first pay attention to its freshness. In particular, it is recommended to lightly tap the tree on the ground. If the tree is fresh or recently felled, the needles should not fall off. You can also bend a few twigs on the tree: they should be elastic and straighten back. The trunk of the tree should be strong and clean, without mold and moss, and also covered with needles. If the cut is a dark ring, the tree is cut for a long time and will not last long.

The color of the needles is also important: if it is saturated, dark green, such a Christmas tree can be taken; instead of yellowish or gray color, it is better not to buy. You can also pluck a pair of needles and rub them in your hand – they should give an aroma. 

Christmas tree in a pot for the New Year

A great option would be to buy a Christmas tree with roots and plant it in the spring near the house – next year it can be used again for its intended purpose. This option is optimal, in particular, for residents of the private sector. However, Christmas trees in a pot need special care. Thus, the room temperature should not exceed + 20 °C. It is also better not to install heaters near the tree. Such a tree should be regularly watered and sprayed with water or put a humidifier or water tank next to it. If the tree has sprouted young branches, it should be taken out as soon as possible in a cool or unheated room.