What Is The Most Sold Chocolate In The World?

A virtual chocolate tasting is one of the greatest online activities to do with your friends, beloved ones, or relatives – this event is quite interactive as well as delicious! Your tasting may include a wide change of sweets – from pralines, tiramisu, brownies to cookies, and fine chocolate bars with unique flavors. Besides, if you are a truly sweet tooth, do you know what is the most popular chocolate in the world? Here is a quick guide on the most sold chocolate bars worldwide.

1.     Cadbury Dairy Milk

This British brand of fine milk chocolate was initiated in 1905, and up to 2014 was named the best-selling chocolate bar in the United Kingdom. Every line of Cadbury’s products is made from high-quality exclusive milk chocolate – that is why it has deserved true recognition not only in the UK but all over the world.

A Cadbury Dairy Milk bar is ranked the most searched among chocolate bars in around 78 countries, including the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, and India. According to Google search data, this chocolate bar reached a global yearly search volume in around 466,000 hashtags taking first place at the top of the world’s most popular chocolate bars!

2.     Mars Bar

A Mars Bar originates from England where it was first manufactured by Forrest Mars in 1932. This chocolate bar consists of nougat and caramel covered with milk chocolate. Interestingly, the American version of Mars was consisted of a nougat layer with added toasted almonds and milk chocolate on the top and was discontinued in a short while.

Mars Bar has a higher global yearly search volume, compared to Cadbury Dairy Milk – around 816,000 hashtags. However, its popularity is now reached 50 states, including the USA and UK. In England Mars is considering a favorite chocolate bar in comparison to the famous chocolate brands, as Ferrero and Kinder Bueno.

3.     Tony`s Chocolonely Milk Chocolate Bar

This Dutch chocolate bar, during not a long period from the foundation (from 2005), has already captured the hearts of many Dutch people and beyond. The production presented includes numerous chocolate flavors – from milk and extra dark to dark almond sea salt and dark pecan coconut.

The company has become the largest chocolate manufactures in the Netherlands, and at the same time, takes place on the list of the world’s most popular chocolate sweets providing its great milk chocolate bar.

4.     Cadbury Caramilk

Another taste of Cadbury’s bars also has reached its popularity in at least 10 countries, including New Zealand and Australia. Cadbury Caramilk bar originates from Canada and was invented in 1968. It has the tastiest flavor – caramelized white chocolate, no wonder why it has so many lovers all around the globe.

5.     Lindt Excellence Bar

One of the either most popular chocolate bars in the world is produced by a Swiss confectionery company that was founded in 1845. A line of excellent premium chocolate bars is now world-famous due to the fine flavors, like blackcurrant, white coconut, or mint intense, and quality ingredients. This chocolate brand is famous for their most delicious white chocolate in the world.