Where To Buy Shrooms?

While there is controversy in the European countries over whether to legalize medical marijuana, the world is resolving new issues. For example, the possibility of decriminalization of hallucinogenic mushrooms and permission to use them for therapeutic and scientific purposes. The thing is, legal difficulties should not prevent the study of the medical value of these fungi.

According to the recent research, a person who suffered from depression that could not be treated with traditional drugs took part in a small study that looked at the effects of psilocybin. For you to understand, this substance is found in some mushrooms that can cause hallucinations. They are also known as “Magic Mushrooms”.

Here is how he describes his experience: “My brain seems to be refreshed. I think better, but I reflect less, and my thoughts are organized.”

What are magic mushrooms?

Also known as a plant called hallucinogenic mushrooms, they were used 6-9 thousand years ago. African shamans, Aztec priests, Mayans, people of India, and other southern countries used them in rituals. Now mushrooms of this kind are recognized as drugs that are similar in action to LSD and are forbidden for storage, cultivation.

Where to buy magic mushrooms?

Nowadays, it is not a big deal to buy hallucinogenic mushrooms online. There is a wide range of online shops that offer high-quality dried mushrooms. Among them, we recommend visiting the website, or you can find mushrooms in the wild.

Everyone who gathers in the forest should know how to identify a magic shroom. This article may help you to protect yourself from the negative effects and help you to avoid the unpleasant consequences. There are no edible mushrooms in this group. External inspection is usually easily recognizable:

  1. The cap of the magic mushroom is yellow, olive, or red.
  2. The surface is dry or watery. This characteristic depends on the place of growth, microclimate.
  3. Psilocybin mushrooms have granular, ellipsoidal spores, usually brownish-purple with different shades.

As a rule, shrooms grow everywhere. They can be found in meadows, pastures, fields, wastelands, or parks, sometimes on the edges of roads among the grass. As a rule, they meet in large groups in one place. If you are interested in where psilocybin mushrooms grow, you can find them on good soil, but they rarely grow on manure. The season for hallucinogenic mushrooms begins in late August, lasts until January (if there is no snow), but more often until late November.

How do shrooms affect your mental and physical health?

Under the influence of magic mushrooms, brain neurons are almost completely switched off, metabolic and mental processes are slowed down. Due to this, the perception changes dramatically and there is a strong change in reality.

For this reason, their reception has a positive influence on your mood, helps to get rid of anxiety, negative thoughts, but this effect does not always work. Most closely, the sensations of eating psychedelic mushrooms are similar to LSD, but the latter has a lesser duration effect.